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Originally Released:1965


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I'm Tired



I wanted a song with some attitude and a gritty, bluesy guitar vibe. John nailed the guitar sound and the lyrics made it easy to sing it with some attitude. I’ve spent way too much time in my life worrying about what other people think and this says it all.








Song: I'm Tired


Artist: Savoy Brown


Originally Released:1965

Songwriter:Chris Youlden


Publisher:Chrysalis Music – Represented


I'm Tired



Well I’m tired of a being a fool

And my mind’s going from hot to cool

And trying to conform to others ideas

And someone else’s rules


The life I’m living ain’t mine

I’m suppose to feel that’s fine

I didn’t make the world I’m living in

And I ain’t gonna toe the line


*I’m tired of trying to be something I know ain’t me

I’m tired of living up to what people expect me to be

You know that some people are different now ain’t that a crying shame

Now wouldn’t it be a real drag if we were all the same


*And I’m not going to try to please

Eyes that just don’t see 

If I get myself together

You’ll have the blues not me


Tag: You’ll have the blues not me 

Did you know..? 


Savoy Brown, originally known as the Savoy Brown Blues Band, are a British blues rock band, formed in 1965, in Battersea, South West London.Part of the late 1960s blues rock movement, Savoy Brown never achieved as much success in their homeland as they did in the United States, where they promoted their albums with non-stop touring.


They developed a loyal core following in the United States, due to songs such as "I'm Tired", a driving, melodic song from the album. They were one of the bands that UK Decca (US London/Parrot) stuck with through the lean times until they started selling records (it took four or five albums until they started to sell in the U.S.) In the late 1960s and 1970s, the band managed to penetrate the Billboard Hot 100.