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Originally Released:1969


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Can’t Find My Way Home


I fell in love with this song when I first heard it because of my acoustic guitar background. I spent years in my bedroom as a young kid learning acoustic songs and I know I was born to play songs like this. We’ve made it our own with the steel guitar and cool keyboard sounds in this recording. Love, love it.


Song: Blind Faith

Artist: Can't Find My Way Home

Originally Released:1969

Songwriter:Steve Winwood

Publisher:F S Music Limited Represented. 

Cant' Find My Way Home


Ooo…Come down off your throne and leave your body alone

Somebody must change

You are the reason I’ve been waiting so long

Somebody holds the key


But I’m near the end and I just ain't got the time

And I’m wasted and I can't find my way home

Ooo… Come down on your own and leave your body alone

Somebody must change

You are the reason I’ve been waiting all these years

Somebody holds the key

Chorus / Solo / Chorus

REPEAT 1st verse

Somebody holds the key 

Ooo…But I, can't find my way home

Ooo…But I, can't find my way home

Oh I, can't find my way home

No I, can't find my way home

And I, ain't done nothing wrong

But I, can't find my way home

Did you know..?

"Can't Find My Way Home" is a song written by Steve Winwood that was first released by Blind Faith on their 1969 album Blind Faith. Rolling Stone, in a review of the album, noted that the song featured "Ginger Baker's highly innovative percussion" and judged the lyric "Well I'm wasted and I can't find my way home" to be "delightful".[1]

Blind Faith were an English blues-rock band that comprised Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood and Ric Grech. The band, which was one of the first "super-groups", released their only album, Blind Faith, in August 1969. They were stylistically similar to the bands in which Winwood, Baker, and Clapton had most recently participated, Traffic and Cream.